First day of “summer”. First blog post.

I’m not going for poetic symmetry. If I were, I would have waited until tomorrow and said “This is my first blog post on my last day of school”. Nah, instead it’s my first blog post on my second to last day of school. Big difference.
So, I know technically it isn’t summer yet but as today was the first day that actually felt like summer (getting out of school at 10:30 has its perks) I’m still going to count it. So, here on my first official day of summer are my tips on how to make your summer great:

  1. Breakfast: FullSizeRender (3)
    First off, take a friend (and in my case a sister that drives) and head out to breakfast. The waitress might be aggravated at the three teenagers soiling her prestigious restaurant but don’t let that ruin the summer fun. (A.N. Don’t forget to tip. Even if that means running back in with arms flailing to hand over the money before the waitress disappears; don’t give her any more reason to hate teens).
  2. Shopping: Who needs to go to the mall? Pshhh, that’s unnecessary. Just head on over to your local Target. Find some cute clothes and bemoan when you remember you don’t have any money to buy them.
  3. Drop off: By this point you have officially spent too much time with your friend and your’re eager to get rid of them. Dump them off at their own house and take off. But don’t worry the fun doesn’t stop there.
  4. Hanging out:  Swing by a friend’s house. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t home from school yet, hanging out with your friend’s mom is fine too. (A.N. If you end up spending over an hour with your friend’s mom don’t worry. You may not be cool, but you must have great conversational skills.)
    IMG_6798 (1)
  5. Ice Cream: By this time, breakfast might have worn off (and even if it hasn’t, you don’t need much of an excuse) so head on over to Whippy Dip and grab a treat. This is a sweet way to end your adventure.

What comes next is still TBD. Whether you keep on driving or go home and study (probably not) for the exams you know you have tomorrow, it’s your choice on how to end your first day of summer.


Thanks for reading! If you have any cool summer experiences or items worthy of a summer bucket list please comment below.



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