High School Newsical

It’s the start, of something new! It feels so right….

This summer brings the start of my involvement in my school newspaper, The Chronicle (some shameless self-promotion right here. Go follow us on Facebook). Just this week, I will be writing my first online article for them so fingers crossed. Once it’s on the website, thecspn.com, I’ll post here for my ones of followers (love you, Mom).

That’s only one of the things the newspaper is bringing to my summer. The biggest is our annual trip to Indiana University. A week at IU for a journalism workshop. A week of the college experience: going out to eat with friends, spending hours on project and staying up until three to finish it. What’s not to be excited for? I’m exaggerating of course (I hope) and I’m counting down the days until I can go.

Being in the Chronicle is the one thing I’m looking forward to with the return of school. A whole bell of school dedicated to writing, something I’ll actually enjoy about school. I’ve already gotten a taste of it, meme battles in the GroupMe chats and a scavenger hunt across the school. This blog is a part of being in The Chronicle too, where I can share my opinion on topics. Hopefully over the year my posts will get a bit better (I apologize to any of you reading these early posts, please keep your cringing to a safe level).

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you have anything to say please comment below!





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