June 11, 2016

Calista Busch | Staff Writer

As the week draws to an end the curtains are closing on the Mason High School drama camp.

For kindergartners through eighth graders, that love acting, singing, or dancing, this is their week to shine. According to Rebekah Cychosz, Mason graduate and instructor of one of the acting and dancing classes, this camp is an opportunity for young kids to be introduced to theater and the drama club at the high school.

“It’s a place for kids,” Cychosz said. “It gives them an intro into different aspects of theater.”

Throughout the week, the younger grades worked on many skills with members of the high school Drama Club. According to senior Katie Kenniston there is a wide variety of classes that are led by members of the club, beginning at the basics and eventually delving into more in-depth aspects of theater with the older students attending.

“There’s dance classes and then there’s acting classes and singing classes,” Kenniston said. “If you’re an older kid you can take things like tech theater and makeup.”

This camp is an opportunity for the high school students helping as well. According to theater director, Allen Young, this is a way for high school members to improve their skills by teaching others.

“The (high school students) get an opportunity to reinforce what they learned by teaching it,” Young said. “Then, the kids get a chance to experience a little bit of theater over the course of the week.”

To the drama club veterans volunteering there, though, it is about more than just improving skills. According to Kenniston while the camp doesn’t directly correlate to their shows put on during the school year, it brings the high school members closer together.

“It grows us,” Kenniston said. “It helps us become more of a family because we do spend time in the summer together.”

Similarly, according to sophomore Sujaya Sunkara this camp is an experience for high school and younger drama enthusiasts alike.

“I love kids and I love drama club so it’s kind of a way to mix that together,” Sukara said. “It’s really just a good experience to get to include both in one thing.”

At the end of the week the skills the attendees have learned, culminate in a performance put on for the parents. According to Young, this performance is where the students apply the skills they’ve learned throughout the duration of the camp.

“During the week they put together a performance for their parents,” Young said. “(This is) to show off the skills that they’ve learned or developed over the course of the week.”

There are many opportunities available to the participants and helpers at this camp and according to Sunkara that is what the camp is.

“It’s really just a camp for opportunities,” Sunkara said.



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