High School: the sequel

It’s four weeks into school and I’m finally feeling like a sophomore. Actually, that’s not true. I do, and always will, feel like a freshman but at least I’ve semi-gotten used to the notch that has been raised by school this year.

For most of my life, I’ll be honest, I skated through school. I never studied that much for tests, I did my homework but I rarely spent much time working on it. I had it easy and boy, how has that changed.

In my last blog post I emphasized how much stress I’m under right now with school, and planning for the future and all the clubs I’m in. That’s still true but I have to say that I’m enjoying the challenge this year is bringing me. At least, some days I do.

Staying up till all hours of the night doing homework isn’t so fun but being in classes that actually provoke my learning and thinking process is definitely nice. The classes I’m taking this year are a wide range of topics. From Honors English to Principles of Biomedical Science I’m learning in all different fields.

Take biomed: in this class we learn pretty much everything throughs labs and experiments. This is a hands-on way to learning that I’ve never really experienced before but definitely appeals to the kinesthetic learner in me.

From there I go to Chronicle. This class is basically my rock in the school day. It’s definitely no less challenging than any of my other classes, and is probably the most difficult. However, being surrounded by people who are as passionate about writing as I and people who are so driven to do their best… it’s really just the best experience I could have in high school.

This year is definitely something new, it’s different than any year before. It seems better and as I start to get a better grip on the challenges this year is posing I can only hope that I don’t end up having a mental breakdown.


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