American History

Welcome to the first post of ten in my new history series. (Yes, it was required for school, but I can still act excited about it. Also, pardon the title, my creative juices were having trouble flowing today.)

Okay back on topic. So in class my group has been researching discrimination against economically disadvantaged. I didn’t really know that was a thing until now (yeah, yeah ignorant millennial right here). What I’ve found so far, is that the discrimination is very subtle. Lowkey discrimination if you will. It is also very much tied into racism and the civil rights movement.

In the 60s when Martin Luther King Jr. and others were fighting for equality for racism they were also fighting for economic equality regarding better opportunities, jobs, etc. President Lyndon Johnson helped out with that a little with his War On Poverty *cue dramatic music*.  I’m not going to go into a bunch of details on what this war consisted of (mainly because I’m not quite sure) I will say that a lot of people didn’t believe that his efforts made a difference.

In consideration of the short term I would agree with that. In that long term however it is a different story. What his efforts towards economic equality led to was a lasting effort of helping the economically disadvantaged with programs like welfare, medicade, food stamps and others. These programs are in place to help the less fortunate and ease the financial burden and some other stuff. I plan to talk about that in my next blog post so Ill stop there.

The main thing I noticed was that, while the efforts have helped, there is a HUGE disparity income and economic stability between White people and African Americans, Mexican Americans, and other minorities. From my research I have seen this has been the case since the civil rights movement and before.

So what it seems like it all boils down to is that economic prosperity has been either a result of discrimination or something used to keep discrimination in place. Racism and poverty are intrinsically linked. We cannot rid the country of one until we get rid of the other.


Thank you for reading my semi-coherent thoughts, I hope I didn’t sound like a fool and have a great day!


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