the future wasn’t made for dreamers

At this point in my life my future is at it’s most tentative point. At least, that’s how it seems. At this point I need to be figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Yet it’s becoming more and more apparent that I’m. Completely. Lost.

It’s been six months since we turned schedules in. It’s been four weeks since school started, four weeks too late to make any changes to my schedule. Not that there’s any room to make. It’s far too late to make a change and yet I can’t stop worrying, stressing, wondering if I made the right choices. If choosing to take regular history instead of APUSH was a decision that will put me behind and haunt me. If choosing to take biomed and neglecting any technology classes was a mistake that will affect my future. In having to choose between what I love and what will help me in my future I am constantly left feeling like I made the wrong choice.

When we choose our classes they tell us this: “choose your classes wisely. Colleges will be looking” or “choose classes that will help you define your future”.

The problem, the issue that is causing me so much anxiety, is I don’t know what I want my future to be. I have no idea what job I want, what colleges I need to be impressing. I’m lost and I don’t know when to stop and figure out my path. High school keeps going on and choices keep being thrust upon me.

I’m making decisions about my future now, knowing or not, and I can only imagine how it will affect me. I’m taking biomed because I like science and that seems a good field to go into but wait… there’s no technology classes in my schedule despite the fact that I’m passionate enough that I’ve tried to teach myself computer programming at home. Instead I shelve those classes for a later day when maybe, possibly there could be a slot open in my schedule.

And what ever happened to my dream of being an author? A dream that, despite my involvement in the Chronicle, seems to be floating farther and farther away. A childhood dream, replaced by the harsh practicality of (young) adulthood.

When I voice my concerns, I’m told that I’m too young to be worrying so much about my future. That I need to relax and enjoy high school.

I’m confused. Do I need to relax or do I need to be making decisions to determine my future? Because those two are antonyms to me and trying to juggle both is making them equally impossible. I want a break. I need one. I need a pause — I need to catch my breath and actually figure out what I’m doing.

But as I grow older, as each year slowly increases in intensity, that request — that desperate wish — is becoming just another childhood dream.





June 11, 2016

Calista Busch | Staff Writer

As the week draws to an end the curtains are closing on the Mason High School drama camp.

For kindergartners through eighth graders, that love acting, singing, or dancing, this is their week to shine. According to Rebekah Cychosz, Mason graduate and instructor of one of the acting and dancing classes, this camp is an opportunity for young kids to be introduced to theater and the drama club at the high school.

“It’s a place for kids,” Cychosz said. “It gives them an intro into different aspects of theater.”

Throughout the week, the younger grades worked on many skills with members of the high school Drama Club. According to senior Katie Kenniston there is a wide variety of classes that are led by members of the club, beginning at the basics and eventually delving into more in-depth aspects of theater with the older students attending.

“There’s dance classes and then there’s acting classes and singing classes,” Kenniston said. “If you’re an older kid you can take things like tech theater and makeup.”

This camp is an opportunity for the high school students helping as well. According to theater director, Allen Young, this is a way for high school members to improve their skills by teaching others.

“The (high school students) get an opportunity to reinforce what they learned by teaching it,” Young said. “Then, the kids get a chance to experience a little bit of theater over the course of the week.”

To the drama club veterans volunteering there, though, it is about more than just improving skills. According to Kenniston while the camp doesn’t directly correlate to their shows put on during the school year, it brings the high school members closer together.

“It grows us,” Kenniston said. “It helps us become more of a family because we do spend time in the summer together.”

Similarly, according to sophomore Sujaya Sunkara this camp is an experience for high school and younger drama enthusiasts alike.

“I love kids and I love drama club so it’s kind of a way to mix that together,” Sukara said. “It’s really just a good experience to get to include both in one thing.”

At the end of the week the skills the attendees have learned, culminate in a performance put on for the parents. According to Young, this performance is where the students apply the skills they’ve learned throughout the duration of the camp.

“During the week they put together a performance for their parents,” Young said. “(This is) to show off the skills that they’ve learned or developed over the course of the week.”

There are many opportunities available to the participants and helpers at this camp and according to Sunkara that is what the camp is.

“It’s really just a camp for opportunities,” Sunkara said.



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High School Newsical

It’s the start, of something new! It feels so right….

This summer brings the start of my involvement in my school newspaper, The Chronicle (some shameless self-promotion right here. Go follow us on Facebook). Just this week, I will be writing my first online article for them so fingers crossed. Once it’s on the website,, I’ll post here for my ones of followers (love you, Mom).

That’s only one of the things the newspaper is bringing to my summer. The biggest is our annual trip to Indiana University. A week at IU for a journalism workshop. A week of the college experience: going out to eat with friends, spending hours on project and staying up until three to finish it. What’s not to be excited for? I’m exaggerating of course (I hope) and I’m counting down the days until I can go.

Being in the Chronicle is the one thing I’m looking forward to with the return of school. A whole bell of school dedicated to writing, something I’ll actually enjoy about school. I’ve already gotten a taste of it, meme battles in the GroupMe chats and a scavenger hunt across the school. This blog is a part of being in The Chronicle too, where I can share my opinion on topics. Hopefully over the year my posts will get a bit better (I apologize to any of you reading these early posts, please keep your cringing to a safe level).

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you have anything to say please comment below!




First day of “summer”. First blog post.

I’m not going for poetic symmetry. If I were, I would have waited until tomorrow and said “This is my first blog post on my last day of school”. Nah, instead it’s my first blog post on my second to last day of school. Big difference.
So, I know technically it isn’t summer yet but as today was the first day that actually felt like summer (getting out of school at 10:30 has its perks) I’m still going to count it. So, here on my first official day of summer are my tips on how to make your summer great:

  1. Breakfast: FullSizeRender (3)
    First off, take a friend (and in my case a sister that drives) and head out to breakfast. The waitress might be aggravated at the three teenagers soiling her prestigious restaurant but don’t let that ruin the summer fun. (A.N. Don’t forget to tip. Even if that means running back in with arms flailing to hand over the money before the waitress disappears; don’t give her any more reason to hate teens).
  2. Shopping: Who needs to go to the mall? Pshhh, that’s unnecessary. Just head on over to your local Target. Find some cute clothes and bemoan when you remember you don’t have any money to buy them.
  3. Drop off: By this point you have officially spent too much time with your friend and your’re eager to get rid of them. Dump them off at their own house and take off. But don’t worry the fun doesn’t stop there.
  4. Hanging out:  Swing by a friend’s house. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t home from school yet, hanging out with your friend’s mom is fine too. (A.N. If you end up spending over an hour with your friend’s mom don’t worry. You may not be cool, but you must have great conversational skills.)
    IMG_6798 (1)
  5. Ice Cream: By this time, breakfast might have worn off (and even if it hasn’t, you don’t need much of an excuse) so head on over to Whippy Dip and grab a treat. This is a sweet way to end your adventure.

What comes next is still TBD. Whether you keep on driving or go home and study (probably not) for the exams you know you have tomorrow, it’s your choice on how to end your first day of summer.


Thanks for reading! If you have any cool summer experiences or items worthy of a summer bucket list please comment below.